Life of a Travelista: Not So Glamorous

This past weekend I drove over four hours home for Neisha’s baby shower. One of the songs on my playlists to jam to is “Same Girl by R. Kelly feat. Usher”.

Neisha is my *brother’s long-term girlfriend and they are expecting their first child, Savannah.

Traveling isn’t always glamorous. I drove home only to be told I needed to drive an extra 20 minutes to my oldest brother Tito’s house.

When I arrive, I’m greeted by a tired family and tasks. I immediately began helping them setup and although it was exhausting, I loved it.

I was greeted by my one-year-old nephew, *J.T. who is attached by the hip to my dad. My five-year-old niece Mia greeted me with a big hug and my three-year-old niece Cami was sound asleep.

We stayed up decorating and talking all night. I miss staying up talking to my family about life and reminiscing on our past.

Being around kids, you are bound to be covered by drool, candy and things you don’t know what they are.

There were definitely some grumpy kids and dirty diapers throughout the baby shower.

It was also extremely hot — both inside and outside.

All of the stains and sweating were worth seeing my amazing family and spending time with my lovely boyfriend, Brandt.

*Neisha’s boyfriend is my second oldest brother, Juan a.k.a Tonio

*Mia, Cami and J.T. are all Tito’s and Elise’s kids (Elise is my sister-in-law)

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