I Love Myself: And I Love My Hair

So I mentioned in a previous blog post about dyeing my hair fun colors and how it tested my confidence.

Well what I didn’t notice until a year of dyeing my hair was that my curls began to flatten.

So March 2017 I decided to stop dyeing my hair. Since then I have only used heat on my hair twice.

I started using products for curly hair and I started trimming off damaged hair and at some point started giving myself curly girl haircuts. Which is basically cutting your dry and cutting into the crook of a curl to help it bounce.

I also started using a diffuser when I have time, so about twice a month I’ll use it with cool air and it helps define my curls and give it volume. A diffuser is an attachment you add to a blow dryer.

I also bought a hair pick which also helps make my hair more voluminous.

I also use products that are free from chemicals like sulfate.

I can definitely see that hair has repaired a lot through this curly hair journey, but it definitely still has a long way to go. I’m still trying out new products and learning what works for my hair.

I normally wear my hair in a hat or ponytail because it gets hot walking on campus. But when I find the time, I try to wear my curls out.

Hair Journey:


Hair Products:


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