“Don’t Make Me Think” Book Review

The book brought up simple concepts that we tend to overthink. Which explains the name of the book “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug.

I wasn’t sure what to expect by reading this book. But I’m glad that it was generally a quick read.

I liked that there were bullet points, graphs and pictures. I’m a visual learner, so it helped keep me engaged while reading it.

We need to be useful, learnable, memorable, effective, efficient, desirable and delightful.

Throughout the book, the author tells us ways to make our websites easier to use. All of the tips can be applied to people who have websites for different purposes.

Like street signs being big so that you can read them from across the street. They’re also usually conveniently places over our heads.

We don’t realize that things like this are done intentionally, but it’s a universal way for people to understand what is going on.

For example, having pictures for street signs is a universal way for people to understand that there is a school nearby without being from that state or even country.

Or even having a home button to allow a user to “reset” if they’ve gotten lost navigating the website. The “Home” page of the site should also let the user know the purpose behind the site.

The “Home” page should also have accessible and have easy to read tabs. There should also be an indicator to let people know what page they are on.

This could be done by having a specific tab highlighted or font of a page that the user is on to increase in size.

The book also mentioned that we should constantly observe as many people as we can. By seeing what people like and what they are responsive to, you can cater your website to your customers.

By conducting usability tests, it allows ordinary people to critique your website. This will give you insight on how easy your website is to use.

The book also gave details that may seem minor, like allowing the user to see where the cursor is. It’s really annoying when you’re on a website and you have no idea of where you’re trying to navigate to.

It’s also important to allow viewers to zoom in or out on a website. You don’t know if your viewer has poor eyesight, so your website should be able to adjust to them.

Having a good tagline lets users have an easier way to identify you or your product. This can also be achieved by having a recognizable logo. If people know what your logo looks like, they can tell what your website was created to achieve.

Overall, I liked the book. I think it provided great advice that will allow me to brand myself. Having a website made a lot of the tips valuable to me. I also liked that the book was easy to read and wasn’t over complicated or lengthy. It made sense for the book to be simple like the advice that was given.

I Love Myself: Identity

Ahhh … identity. It’s comprised of so many factors and makes us label ourselves. Which some people like and others don’t.

I personally think labels have helped me find a sense of self.

I’m a cis Latinx woman who identifies as pansexual.

(No, I am not sexually attracted to pans) Like some of my family members like to tease me about.

I struggled with my identity up until my junior year of high school.

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I Love Myself: And I Love My Hair

So I mentioned in a previous blog post about dyeing my hair fun colors and how it tested my confidence.

Well what I didn’t notice until a year of dyeing my hair was that my curls began to flatten.

So March 2017 I decided to stop dyeing my hair. Since then I have only used heat on my hair twice.

I started using products for curly hair and I started trimming off damaged hair and at some point started giving myself curly girl haircuts. Which is basically cutting your dry and cutting into the crook of a curl to help it bounce.

I also started using a diffuser when I have time, so about twice a month I’ll use it with cool air and it helps define my curls and give it volume. A diffuser is an attachment you add to a blow dryer.

I also bought a hair pick which also helps make my hair more voluminous.

I also use products that are free from chemicals like sulfate.

I can definitely see that hair has repaired a lot through this curly hair journey, but it definitely still has a long way to go. I’m still trying out new products and learning what works for my hair.

I normally wear my hair in a hat or ponytail because it gets hot walking on campus. But when I find the time, I try to wear my curls out.

Hair Journey:


Hair Products:


I Love Myself: Although It Took Some Help

Truthfully, loving myself didn’t happen overnight. And it surely didn’t happen on my own.

I owe a lot of my self-love to falling in love.

I fell in love with Brandt as a 17-year-old. I’m sure I’ll go into detail about him in some other blog post.

But essentially, through loving him I began to see some qualities that I didn’t realize I had.

I began to see how caring and persistent I am.

How I laugh really loud and take breaths in between each laugh.

How I like to do the opposite of what I’m told to do.

I learned that I might hesitate to try something new, but nevertheless I’ll try it.

I learned that I love freckles and that I get excited to count them.

I learned that when I want something I’m going to find a way to get it.

I began to fall in love with myself through Brandt’s eyes. And I think that’s the best way I can describe coming to terms with who I am.

Sounds more poetic than I anticipated it to, but I can honestly say I’m happy and comfortable in my own skin.

I love it and most of all — I love myself.


With that being said, here’s a pic of me looking awkward but still cute. #GetYouSomebodyWhoCanDoBoth

I Love Myself: Skin Care

I’ve had acne since I was about 13 years old.

I would describe my skin as oily to combination, depending on the time of year it is.

Generally in the Summer my skin is more oily and in the Winter it’s more dry.

I’ve seen dermatologists and I would get prescribed creams, like Epiduo.

They would irritate my skin and even make it burn.

At some point I gave up on trying to have clear skin and I didn’t take care of it. I had never heard of a toner, moisturizer or even putting oil on your skin.

So about a year ago, I decided to do some research and try different techniques.

I started to use natural products, like African black soap and oils.

I used apple cider vinegar for a little over a year and realized that while it helps tone my skin, it also makes me have more redness.

I also learned that most of my breakouts are triggered by lack of sleep and certain foods. I’m not ready to give up cheese, but I’ve stopped drinking milk.

By washing my face at least once a day, toning it and using oils/moisturizers, I feel like I have more control of my acne.

This has given a big boost in my confidence. I still like to wear foundations when I go out to parties, but every so often I’ll skip out on it and be bare faced.

I wear makeup about once a week and that’s mainly because I’m a reporter or I’ll have an event to go to.

But I’ve learned that I’m beautiful in my own skin and I should truly believe that and practice that daily.

Here are some of my favorite face products: